Rediscovering Lego with Brickset

Brickset is for Lego fans from around the world with a passion for sharing, discussing, recording and building their sets.

  • Client: Brickset
  • Category: fan/affiliate site
  • Services: branding, template design and build

The brief

Brickset needed to be redesigned to streamline common user journeys and to better accommodate the growing number of visitors using mobile devices to access it.

Chris ensured he took time to fully understand my requirements and the functionality of the old site before producing responsive templates that met the design brief and which, once it was launched, was well received by the site's users.

The deliverables were well structured and, most importantly, understandable which enabled me to incorporate them into my server-side code with ease and make minor changes and additions as needed.

Huw Millington
Founder and creator, Brickset

The power of branding

Lego has made an incredible resurgence in recent years thanks in part to an inspired marketing and branding exercise to reignite a worldwide passion for this classic toy.

With over 100,000 members, Brickset has grown to become one of the most prominent Lego fan sites, also in need of an updated brand to reflect it’s identity. Alienating existing members with new design elements is always a risk, so how can this be managed?

Involve the client and their users at every step of the journey, it really is that simple. Discussing, testing, and iterating Brickset's new design with both parties at regular intervals ensured a seamless transition, embraced by both existing and new users.