Refreshing the Blue Cross

The Blue Cross finds homes for unwanted cats, dogs, small pets and horses across the UK.

  • Client: Blue Cross
  • Category: charity
  • Agency: Headscape
  • Services: rebranding design and build, payment process integration

The brief

Working closely with Blue Cross’s selected branding agency, I helped apply their bold new brand to Blue Cross’s existing website.

The restrictions imposed by short project deadlines often prove challenging (especially when there are cute puppies involved), but on this occasion I was able to re-skin the Blue Cross site using little more than CSS, minimising development costs and keeping the project firmly on track.

Finally, donations were given a much needed boost courtesy of a user experience review.

Increasing donations

Having worked on a large number of charity websites I'm always conscious that they face the same marketing challenge to survive, ‘how do I encourage such an emotional decision to donate?’

Their digital presence provides increasingly important tools to achieve this, none more so than their web presence. Working with Blue Cross I’ve helped streamline their user experience by analysing the journeys that users take through their donations site.

These timelines revealed key points where potential donors became distracted or faced barriers that prevented them from making a financial commitment.

By addressing these issues in the redesign, Blue Cross have seen more one-off and regular donors make this leap thanks to an intuitive, engaging and accessible experience for a wider audience.